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Spam message and response rate!


Few days ago I got a spam message and fiverr blocked that message. Then I have seen a message it will not effect your response rate but after that my response rate decreased. So my question is why my response rate going down?


This may help explain why, even though it is about completion rate the formula applies.


Thanks for reply but I am asking for response rate not order completion rate!


Good question… @wayesparash


Thanks for reply bro…


Most probably a bug that seems to have survived the overhaul of the message/inbox system. Curiously, now as then, it seems to not affect all people.

You could ask support to reset your response rate because the drop was caused by a spam message if you’re sure you didn’t miss any message
(remember that there is another hair-raising system inadequacy where you reply to someone in chat but not on the order page or vice versa because only one reply is needed but it still will drop your response rate).
Personally, I don’t tend to be lucky with appeals to get that rate to be reset when bugs cause a drop but some people seem to have been luckier, so I guess you can try.

Other people unblock spam messages to reply briefly, to not risk that bug to h̶i̶t̶ bite them. :bug:


Thanks for reply. I never missed a single message to reply without that message. I will ask customer support for sure.