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Spam message can infect gig ranking?

A specific gig was selling very well and getting new customers each day. Suddenly this gig stopped bringing new inquiries and orders for the last 2 weeks. Ranking also pushed back to the 7th page. Before this push, it ranked on the first page.

Gig performance chart is showing a straight downflow of the bar between 12-14th of February. What remarkable did I do on that day?

I got 2 spam inquiries on the 14th. To keep up the response rate, I replied with a “not interested template message” and marked as spam.

So I am wondering, is this the reason my gig’s pushed back. What else could I do instead?

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Well, did you notice if your “response” rate went down after you marked these 2 messages as spam? Are there any messages you have missed - sometimes messages will get thrown into your spam folder and you may not see them, and it can count against you (yes, this has happened to me). If your rate went down after you marked these two as spam after replying within the allotted 24 hour period, write to customer service and ask them to check your response rate.

If your response rate did not go down, there could be many reasons why your Gig is pushed back to the 7th page. Fiverr does move Gigs around - to expect to be on page 1 on a continuous basis is not realistic.



Nope, response rate is 100%. Avg response time is also fine.

However, seems like I am in the middle of the ranking shuffle and must wait for the time of my turn.

Were those 2 messages connected to that gig?

Yes, one message came through that said gig.

Then your conversion rate was probably lowered, and that might affect gig ranking.

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Rate was 100 because I marked it as spam after replying to it.

Response rate or conversion rate?

It’s response rate, not a conversion.

How new is the gig? Fiverr rotates out gigs as they become older, so it might just be due to this.

I am guessing this as well and waiting for my turn.

and it didn’t affect your ranking, right?

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I don’t know. I stopped looking at my gigs placements after seeing them always in the last 1-3 pages. Too depressing! :sweat_smile:

But when I did used to keep track of them, I did not see any difference no matter if I had full 100% performance at every “stat”, or lower than that. Except I have seen a pattern that after cancelling an order, I always get more people contacting me right after. Might be a coincidence, or not.

But lowest any of my stats has been was 95%, I believe. So may need to go much lower before anything might change, if not counting level eligibility.

But from what I have seen, a level 1 seller does get more orders than many level 2 sellers. But then you may need to work much faster, as there’s a forced queue limit of approx. 7 orders, before the gig gets temporarily removed from search.