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Spam Message from client

Hi, i am very careful about Fiverr rules & my account. Now i am faced a new issue.Someone sent me a message & it’s look like me a spam.In fact i don’t know is it or not. But i wants to know. So, can anyone help me about that fact and please, let me know what is it.what should i do now?
The message is below:

I have a site
I need to add some more widgets and recent posts area in the footer
Please visit my site and let me know where it looks like more attractive


That doesn’t look like spam, it actually looks like a genuine person who needs help with their site’s widgets :wink:

Some buyers mass-post their requests to many sellers without looking if they provide such services or not.

If you are not able to help that buyer, you can tell them that it’s not what you do.

Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that you must not post images containing other Fiverr usernames :wink: You could have just copy-pasted the text instead :wink:


Hi Woofy31, i really sorry! i know the fact about what you mentioned. But i was just forget that time. Thank you! I would be careful in next time.