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Spam message?Please help

I received this message a few minutes ago but when i opened says I cannot contact the buyer.
But the Problem is if do not send a reply message it will affect my response time?
What should i do?

I think you have reported him/her. Click on ‘unspam request’ if you want to contact the buyer.

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I think fiverr reported him/her.
I also want to report but not able.
If i click Unspam request , will there be any Problems?
I am just worried about my response time.

No there will not be any problems

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It will affect response rate but not response time. But I think since you ‘blocked’ this buyer, it will not affect anything.

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Thank you!
How will i know if this is a real buyer or not?

Click on the buyer. There might be something there.

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Well, He/She is a new user.

And if you are concerned, contact CS. They might let you know if they can see a bad history with this buyer. Just let them know and tell them you are concerned. They will let you know.

Type this on Google

Reviewed by “buyer name”

Sorry, didn’t get it :confused:

be very careful when opeening files like that…specially word, and powerpoint files…before you it and scan it through virustotal website…if anyone directly giving it.scan it first.


I did not download that file because i don’t want to any chance with my account.
I just reply that user just because for my response time.