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Spam Message, Reply First or Just Report it?

Hi Everyone…,
So…, my response rate drop from recently…,
from 100% to 92% in single day…,

It seems because i didn’t reply two spam message and directly report and block them as spam.
It’s weird…, because i never got my response rate down when i do this before…,
So…, I learn my mistake: just incase to be safe…, i think we must reply at least once to every new message.

Still contact CS about this matter…,
Hopefully they can help me solve this problem…,


I usually reply with ’ unfortunately I can’t help ’ then report


After reading on the Forum that other sellers response rates dropped due to not responding to spam, I always do now. I have made a quick response to make it easy to reply.


You can report those replies

I think you will contact the Fiverr TOS. Because If you reply It going to Against you. so Contact Fiverr

You can report such replies as spam! No worries

He knows he can. He’s asking if he should respond first.

I do. Just with a template “no thanks” to protect my ratings