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Spam message too much. Requesting fiverr to take step immediately

I am getting too many Spam message to my inbox. The message is like this…

“Fiverr Team is øfferíng Free Gìftcards Tó All Our Users Please visît and Claim Yours Lìmíted Spots õnly.”

If I dont reply it, my response rate will be low but if I click on the link, I will be attacked by the Spammers. So I just wrote message “not interested. Don’t message again.”

No it only for me but also many users are facing this problem that I have come to know from fiverr forum.

Yes, everyone is and there is a sticky thread at the top to addresses concerns. Please don’t copy spam URLs to the forum, it increases the problem.

Fiverr is doing great with this. I am getting too many weeds in my yard. Weed Plant too Much! Luckily, there are professional answers to most problems. Read more, complain nicer. :wink: