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Spam Message Warning For No Reason?

I seem to have got this message:

You have received the following warning on July 7, 2019 :

Unsolicited Messages Violation

Your account was flagged for sending spam messages. Our communication tool is designed to allow our sellers and buyers to communicate and conduct their business in an easy and effective manner. We ask that you do not send spam messages to users, for example, unsolicited, unclear, promotional, and out of context messages.
If you would like to learn how to use Fiverr more effectively as a seller, please see the following links:

This is nothing I have done as a seller.
I have never spammed any promotion messages to a bunch of people regarding my fivver gigs?
Could this be a mistake or have I missed something?:slight_smile:


Hey @yomaxi it’s may be because someone else (your buyer or anyone else you have send message ) accidently clicked on the spam that’s why you are getting this message.

You don’t have to worry about it . it’s a bot message not sent by fiverr fellow member so don’t worry .

Sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:

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Have you ever sent a message to another seller offering them your services, even though they’ve never asked about them?

Sending even one such message to one person would be spam.


Have you contacted previous buyers offering your services. That would also be considered as spam.


No, I’ve never done that.

I have not done any of that, The buyers have contacted me if their interested in ordering once again

Oh well that could really be dangerous for some sellers here on fiverr I think, I mean some could lose their job I guess if someone just miss-reported them or did it on purpose so that they could ban a person’s account here on fiverr.
Possibly that could be fixed by a staff/support or so but still it’s always not guaranteed.

For me this is not a really big deal at the moment I think but this is something that possibly is or/and could happen to others if I’m not wrong.

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Yeah I have had something similar happen too, when a buyer miss-clicked, but it was gone as quick as it appeared :slight_smile:

Best of luck!

No, if the message keep repeating then contact fiverr support team they will review your profile and message with all the buyers , if they found nothing wrong then everything is fine .

Fiverr is very god platform for freelancers , fiverr won’t bane any acconut without a reason .

Best of luck :slight_smile:

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