Spam messages and Response rate


Hi, I keep receiving messages that are automatically marked as spam and I am not able to respond to them. However, my response rate is being negatively effected as I am technically not responding to incoming messages. Why am I being penalized if I am not even able to respond in the first place?


Response rate is buggy. Mine is currently 71%, even though I answer all messages (spam included; I click on the submit unspam request, answer it, and then report the message again, or don’t report it if it wasn’t actually spam).

You can submit a ticket to Customer Support and ask them for help. (I didn’t do it because this feature is so buggy that it would probably just happen again)


If we report it they will do something about it. I am in the same boat. Spam messages are dragging down my response rate. Fiverr please fix this! Thanks!

Also I would say the response rate works really well for most part.


One reason why the message marked as a spam is that the buyer send the same message to many sellers in short time. So thr system marked it as spam automatically.
You can click unspam and reply :slight_smile:


My responce rate was 70% even I never missed any message then I created a ticket and problem is fixed.


Yeah. @genevieve127

I Have Same Issue :expressionless:


Thanks for all your input, guys!