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SPAM Messages bring response rate down! 🔽 😮

I received a spam message and someone flagged the user which send me the spam message before I answer it. Here is what I received:

Now my response is not 96%, but 95%. Here is the reason my 2 level friend got 0 level.


Hey, you can contact support but you have another solution.

Whenver you get messages like that answer on them example “spam is not good marketing” and then report message.

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Here the problem is:

They write to me, and I can’t answer them, because they became flagged immediatelly from someone else!

You can unflag this message, make a response, anything, then flag it again. You have responded, your response rate looks great. If you missed it already, ask CS to help

Sometimes you just can’t unflag the message, because the user profile gets banned before you try to. I believe that you can contact CS if that was the reason for level demotion.
Some good news, I read somewhere on the forum that they are already working on this, so that spam messages or those annoying chargeback and buyer ordered by mistake cancellations… don’t count.

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You have good news, but I am gonna turn them bad news, sorry: I saw that on forums too, but nothing, nothing changed! :disappointed_relieved:

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I read somewhere that they are expecting it to be solved in about two months. Now it’s less than that :slight_smile:

If that helps, you’re not alone. The exact same thing happened to me. My response rate went down to 99% after a spam message from a banned buyer that I could not respond to and the order completion to 97% after several Paypal chargebacks…none of which was my fault. I’m just hoping that they solve this sooner rather than later.

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Now that is pathetic, it was not your fault, contact support, they should take care of it.

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I have solution for you problem.

Then you will maintain your response rate 100%.

The solution is simple contact more buyers even if you don’t know their work, but this will decrease click to order ratio, later it will be hard to get similar jobs.

You just reply your spam msg though your android app of fiverr.

There was already solution in second post here:

I am always replying on spam messages and never having problem with response rate