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Spam messages, but how how do they get info about me?

Not sure if this is the right place for this, but might as well ask…

I’m sure a lot of people get “SPAM” messages in the inbox from sellers asking us to

"check out" their new gigs. I guess this tends to happen with new sellers ( not always, though).

Whether they nicely ask me to “check out” their gig or even BEG to purchase it, either way I don’t really enjoy getting them. I am guessing that some people don’t mind these, in fact they might actually do end up buying their gigs which I guess is nice, but here’s what bugs me in most cases:

Most of those SPAM message says "I realized that you have recently bought this and this gig, I have a similar

gig, can you please check it out"

How do they know what kind of gig I bought? I never collect gigs, so I guess that’s not how they found me.

Are they actually looking through those feedback lists and then sending messages??

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They just msg randomly…

Actually in your matters they might read the feedback that you gave…to the seller and then contact you…


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Yeah what they said. You should report them to Customer Support if it bothers you. I hate spam with a passion, and I would never order from someone who engages in it.

Reply to @bachas85: That link doesn’t work, but I guess she could try. Maybe they’ve fixed it, but I’ve still gotten messages from people I’ve marked as “spam”.

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Hello people, thank you for your comments, and yup, I decided to hit spam/report.

It’s too bad that some of those sellers are not aware that people just don’t like getting those messages even though I can understand that they are really desperately trying to get new buyers…but those messages are as annoying as pop up ads…

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Reply to @vedmak: LOL. +1

Just click the “Report” link in those circumstances and don’t give it a second thought. They get reported to admin, and you won’t get bothered by them in future because they will be blocked from messaging you.

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I’m a seller as a translator here, even though I keep getting this spam messages from new sellers. when I tell them I’m not a buyer, then they will ask me to help and also teach them how to do translation also. I’m really fed up. Every week almost 2 person I have to report/spam.