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Spam messages can effect on Response Rate or Not?


Hello all…

I have one doubt in my mind… Can Spam Messages do bad effect on Response rate.?
So read my story before response …:slight_smile:

I was happy because of 100 % Response Rate, But suddenly i got one spam message. I didn’t respond to it and normally i delete it (may be i did right?) and then
i got same message from any different account and i delete it as well. But now my response rate is 87 %… Does this make sense ??

Does it count deleted messages as well for our responsiveness ?? I do not understand what’s going on. Can anyone clear it Please…

Most Welcome to your suggestions…:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks in Advance.


No it doesn’t effect response rate when you delete the messages from the inbox.


It is marked as spam automatically because those buyers send same message to a lot of sellers. I believe they are looking for lowest bidder. So just unspam it, use a quick response “Sorry, I’m not interested” and spam it again.


Okey… But then how my response rate was down suddenly :frowning: even we gave quick replies to other messages and im pretty much sure for that.


Yeah i like your opinion…But my question is that its does it actually having effect on response rate if we can not reply to spam and just deleted it ???


I will suggest you to reply to every single message, even spam if you want to keep response rate 100%. This is what I do and my response rate is 100%! :smiley:

I usually reply with appropriate answer according to situation.


Unfortunately spam messages can affect the Response rate. It’s my second time I didn’t answer to a spam message and my response rate dropped under 100%, then I unspamed it, replied, but the rate didn’t get back to normal so I’ll have to contact Customer support again to reset my response rate. What I don’t understand is why it didn’t get back to normal if I eventually replied to the message…


Yes they affect the response rate.


I’ve started responding if the account isn’t blocked. I click spam after using my canned “No spam, reported” message and it usually keeps my rate up. When it does go down because I can’t reply or something, I’ve found that it goes back up by itself in My next few responses.

It’s easier for me to ignore a drop for a few days, respond fast to all newer messages and raise it that way than to go through CS. Mine so far always goes back to 100% eventually if I keep at it. I think it’s a dumb stat and hope they get rid of it. :wink:


I have also faced this problem. I have also got a spam message and didn’t reply. And after that I see that my response rate is decreased.

Thanks for your post to know about in details that I should Unspam that kind of message and replay them.


Hi, I am new here. How can i differentiate actual buyer and spam?


I’ve never heard of this before. I still believe, unfortunately, they affect your response.


Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:


Thanks for your response… :slight_smile: yes for this reason i ll use Fiverr app.
I didn’t think so that Spam messages are also effective on response rate… But now i am pretty sure about this. Even my response rate is down day by day for now :frowning: i think i ll get right states after this month end. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Thanks @nahid21


Hey there, some spam messages are automatically marked spam before its reached to you because other sellers already complaint it…

and if you find that messages contain personal information like Email ID, Website etc.and they are promote himself… and ask for your Email ID or Phone No. we can call it spam .Best of Luck for your Fiverr Journey :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Thanks for replying


sanmeet! you teach me a lot of new things at fiverr ! thanks


Thanks :slight_smile: @mrkhan1992


I’ve never heard of this before.