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Spam messages constantly

So I just wanted to know from other sellers if any of you have been experiencing this problem or have you experienced this problem in the past. This is my first full day advertising my services on Fiverr. I’m running into a big issue I’ve had four messages already today from what turns out to be spam. People are asking me to email them directly or asking me if I have the what’s up app and the Google chat app. Has anybody else been experiencing these and is there a way to report them because obviously they have a Fiverr account if they’re able to message us I would assume. Thank you in advance


Welcome to the Fiverr forums.

This is (sadly) not new, and new users are frequently targeted. Report and block the spam/scam messages. (Reply ‘no’ if you like. There’s sometimes a bug that will decrease your response rate if you don’t reply first.) It should die down in a few weeks, if not sooner.

To actually report the message, hover over it and the ‘report’ option should appear.

(Glanced at your gigs. Money-back guarantee is not a good idea.)