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Spam Messages from other Sellers!

I am so pissed…!

Am I the only one who has been getting annoying spam messages for the past 2 weeks?

I have been receiving messages from other sellers - day and night - asking me to share my orders and to send money, and to share my personal information…

I already reported like all of the profiles and messages weeks ago but nothing is happening… These people are still online and sending messages. And once I block the profile I get a another message from another profile.


Mod Note: Country/region reference removed.


It seems like they have moved on from me to you. I know it is very annoying, but there is nothing you can do but report and block them. The intensity will decrease over time.

Also, I suggest you remove the reference to that specific country in your post as it against forum rules to shine a negative light on specific countries or regions.


I get at least five of these every week. People expect others to give them work for a variety of reasons, it seems.

Make an auto-response so you can one-click to keep your percentage up, hit the spam link, and take a deep breath. Unfortunately, they will probably continue.


Short answer: Covid tsunami

Longer answer: thousands of new users have signed up to Fiverr because the pandemic has made their usual sources of income dry up.

They don’t understand that Fiverr isn’t an employer and that messaging other sellers for work is totally unacceptable.

Like most floods, all we can do is wait for the waters to receed. Which they will. Eventually.

Most of the new sellers will never get an order, mainly because they make absolutely no effort on their own behalf … unfortunate, but true …


I did remove it. Today it struck my last nerve and I just had to vent… :sweat_smile: