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Spam Messages in My In-Box - Can I Block?

I just joined as a Seller and have NOT activated my gigs, yet I have 3 spam messages in my in box. How does that happen? How do I delete? I only see a way to archive the messages. Is there a way for me to block random people from messaging me if they are not buyers?

In the lower right-hand corner of the message is a “Report” link. That should do the trick.

As far as deleting? I don’t think we have that capability.

You cannot be contacted unless you have any gig active (as far as I know).

I just went to your profile and see no “CONTACT” option. It means I cannot send a message to you.

Were the messages from Fiverr sellers, trying to sell to you? If so, please do file a report with customer support (<-you can click on the highlighted words to get to the Learning Center & CS), as we’re not supposed to do that; fiverr will temporarily suspend their message capability unless many complaints are filed, in which case they may get deleted. And as @bestinmarket said, they really aren’t supposed to be able to contact you anyway, so let CS know that there might be a glitch so they can fix that.

Also, you can click the “report” , as @kissreviews suggested, but just a warning: it’s not infallible! I’ve reported spammers that way (you’ll see a brief message saying the person won’t be able to contact you any more) but sometimes they were able to message me again! Not sure why, but…