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Spam messages marked of customer

I wanted to know as to why fiverr marks some customers’ messages as spam??

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i think if you send the same message to multiple people or if you were flagged multiple times

Actually, those people were sending me a message for the 1st time. So it’s a bit odd to find their message in the spam section

Is that spamming? I needed a job done urgently and I sent it to 3 sellers I felt was qualified. At the end I chose the most friendly and communicative of the 4. This was how I ordered for the last service i needed on this platform. Thanks

They could have sent the exact same message to several people. Or used some of the forbidden words. Or tried to scam you (phishing scams, or something else). Or tried to get you to contact them outside of Fiverr.

There are many possible reasons, and in most cases, Fiverr is protecting you from suspected scammers.


I think so, cause what else reason would be there to mark a customer’s message as spam

Okay. Thanks for the heads up. Actually, I have faced this for the second time and wanted to know what could be the reason