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Spam Messages! Mutually buy Gigs and get Positive Ratings!

Hi All! Hope Everyone is having great day!

In Recent days I am getting more weird messages about mutually buying gigs for each other and give positive feed backs so both will get feedback for free!!

And getting this message in Local Language so it will be hard for Fiverr team to catch them. Their offer may sounds interesting but please don’t support them. This will lead to the stage where Buyer can’t judge a Seller by their rating and that leads to poor Fiverr experience to buyer. And Eventually we may loose Buyers. Come on, All are chain reaction, Lets stop from Beginning.

For everyone’s convenience I have translated the message to English,

Message in the attachment,

"Hi Dear

I am doing ‘Client Service’ in Fiverr. My Clients need your Review, So I will buy your gigs and will give you reviews for reply you buy my client’s gigs and give positive review to them. So I will make 4 orders, from that you will get $16. Then you should buy 3 orders.

Like this you will get profit as well and Good Ratings as well.

Contact me in Skype, (Skype Id)"

These spams need to be taken care ASAP.

Bravo for your effort on translating them! haha =D>

Report them to Customer Support.

Nicki Minaj right ? =))

I’ve also received that kind of offers, but in English. I’ve always reported them.


such people must be reported there and then.
they should learn that respect and name should be earn, not buy.

you are right (Y)

Reply to @catwriter: Yes I did. Thanks

Reply to @kay2809: hmm ya and some other too

Reply to @denovo8590: yes you are right man. I reported them