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Spam messages reduces response rate percentage



I received a message a couple of days ago from another fiverr user who was clearly just copy and pasting messages to people to try and sell their gigs. I wasn’t looking for any gigs and I wasn’t interested in what they had to offer so I thought I’d just ignore the message.

Just noticed today however, that by ignoring this spam message, Fiverr recognises that as me not replying to clients/potential clients and so my response rate percentage reduced. In the end I had to reply with a ‘No thank you’ to restore the percentage,

I understand that its not possible for Fiverr to differentiate the types of messages we receive so it’s more something that I think you should look out for.


I have noticed the same thing.
Now, I answer:
"Spam message reported to CS."
to restore the percentage.
I have added this sentence as “quick response”.


Sorry about that. However, that is the reality.

The best thing to do (works 100% for me) is to reply any spam message with something like “SPAM” before marking it as spam. Sometimes it even marks it as spam before you even get to the message. The best thing is to uncheck it so it can allow you to reply, then send “SPAM”

This way, you wont have problems with response rate, in fact, the faster you do it, the better to make your response rate better.


Thanks for those tips guys :+1:


Great idea.

Spammers are bad, but scammers are useful. They message you “Hi.” I go back and forth with them for a while with one-word answers, which drops my response time and increases my response rate. Then I block them.


Haha thats a nice idea


When I receive “Hi” I answer “Hello” or “Hello, may I help you ?”


Nice tip :ok_hand:. My response is 90 % now, because I got spam message and fiverr automatically blocked the sender and I can´t to reply, and also I don´t want to unblok him.


It is a Good idea. I am going to save it as a Qucik Response :slight_smile: