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Spam messages showing 🕞

I got a message today but I was unable to reply… Because it is in spam folder… As far as I know it won’t effect my response rate… But there is :clock9: clock or time sign on the message . What should I do now?


Ignore or delete it. If you’re really worried, you could send a message to CS asking to confirm that it won’t affect your response rate.

Edit - Ignore me, better to go with @vibronx’s suggestion.


I would suggest that you press ‘unmark as spam,’ respond to the message and then report it as spam again.

I had a similar issue a few weeks back, which almost cost me my Level 2 status as a message marked as spam by Fiverr’s own system was mistakenly affecting my Response Rate. CS fixed it, but it was a very close call.

Better safe than sorry.


I don’t have that option to unmarked. Should I contact cs?

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If you do not have the option to either ‘unmark’ or ‘unblock,’ the buyer may have already been banned. I suggest that you contact CS as @markhallva also suggested to make sure that it will not affect you.


I just message the Customer support team
& the unmarked option is available on PC but its not available on my phone. Should I unmarked & reply to the spam message via PC or wait for CS reply ?

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Unmark it, respond, and report. Just to be safe. :slight_smile:


I just unmarked it but can’t message him maybe fiverr already ban the person

I think I have to wait for CS reply


Okay, that is unfortunate. Remember to report it as spam again if you can.

Yes, I did that, let see what happens