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Spam Of The Stupidest Kind

I just had a buyer request a service that is not that close to what I offer other than writing - He wants a 5* review on Amazon. I pretty much told him to take a flying leap off a short pier (not that I said, of course). Here’s what he wrote, and he is making his rounds on Fiverr, finding someone who will do this.

Hi there, I’m an Amazon US seller, looking for people whom buy and leave a 5star review to my product.
If you are keen to do that, I will refund you all the money including feverr fees, so you’ll be basically get to keep and enjoy the product for you free of charge.
It’s a superior quality yoga leggings and top. You can choose any over 2 colors and 3 sizes.
Let me know if that could work for you.

I told him it was against Fiverr’s TOS as well as Amazon’s service to do something like, and my accounts could be banned. Then he had nerve to follow up with:

How would they know if you go and buy a product from amazon… we never shared the same IP and we dont know each other. You would sell me a service on fever which i would pay for, so i don’t see what could possibly go wrong on fever too. Anyway, up to you, let me know if you change your mind.
Have a great day.

Number 1 - They can always find out.
Number 2 - If you’re a U.S. Amazon seller, why does your profile list outside the U.S.?
Number 3 - It’s totally unethical.

UGH! I did report the message and hope Fiverr ends up banning him before he gets some sucker Fiverr seller to do this. Ridiculous!


I get people like all the time. Don’t engage with people like this just tell them you can’t and move on.


Oh isn’t that lovely.
I think I’ve had about 2 or 3 of those messages, similar contents in the past 3 months or so.
Luckily for me though, once I told them it’s against TOS they thanked/apologized and never
bugged me again.

Sorry you had to deal with something dumb like that.
Get yourself some coffee and cake! :coffee::cake:


Haha… agh, I get frustrated each time I’m waiting for my buyers to message me, see I got some message! and oh, that’s a spam… ban ban ban

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Once I hit the report button, I didn’t engage with him after that. The message went into spam but still spilled over into where I could see it. I didn’t say anything to him after my first message. And, I also saw that this was a Fiverr seller as well. Maybe his account has been hacked because what he offers as a gig as nothing to do with Amazon.


I’ll take a hot chocolate and cinnamin swirl cake. Gah! Now, I need Starbucks. Thanks Zeus! :smiley:

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Ah, I think I came across this guy too. I’d do the same but I’m not willing to take risks with the response rate.


I had this thing happen to me yesterday… (thought I’d share it with you peeps).

Some person messaged me yesterday asking whether I lived in/close to a particular city in Germany. When I asked why they were asking, they replied saying they would like some kinda document printed and sent by post to someone in that city (which was NOT EVEN close to the services I offer on Fiverr).

The reason why I wouldn’t consider this spam is cuz when I replied back saying that I ONLY offer proofreading/editing services (and that I do not provide DHL/FedEx services), they understood and thanked me for my prompt reply :rofl:

I was wondering… how often do such kinda things happen to y’all?

That actually makes a lot of sense tbh. That was probably what had happened in this case. @emeraldawnn

Even if he was not the person who did it, he is gonna be affected by the ban (if it happens) and the seller would not be able to get his account back cuz he would have no way of proving that it was actually not him who did it. R.I.P. :wilted_flower: