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Spam On Fiverr is Increasing - How to Identify and Avoid it?

There are some Fiverr users, mostly posing as buyers, who are misusing this platform. In the last three weeks, I personally have seen a rise in Spam activity. They send you a message stating that they are interested in your Gig and will order Premium. Within the message is a Dropbox or some other kind of link which you have to click for 'Project Details".
The other type and this is very annoying, is when they send you a message with one line, can I see some samples of your work? and then they are gone, poof.

In the first case, they try to share files, mostly Microsoft Office based, with macro-enabled full of Trojans. Open it and get ready to start losing things you can’t even imagine. What I do to avoid this is:

  • Ask them to send me the files in my Inbox

  • Use online Word processors

  • Upload the file to their server and open in on that server

  • If there’s any kind of malicious stuff in that file, I am safe, if not I can read the details and keep discussing with the client

  • As soon as I find there’s a virus, I tell them in the inbox and Report it to Fiverr

In the second what they do is collect legit sites details from you and they spam them with comments, emails and whatnot. In one instance the Spammers even mentioned my profile to the Admin and contacted them on “my behalf”.
For this, I’ve some samples on my server which I submit to them and if it is a Wordpress related job I try to send them “Theme’s Demo” sites. If it’s an interested and legit client we get into more details and if it’s a spammer they go away.

What do you do to Identify and Deal with Spammers and Scammers? Please share your expertise.


A week ago there was an another one, who wanted to improve his bounce rate and traffic to the site, where he would add a Buer’s Request, ask you to go through the whole site and answer a question before you could submit an offer. How do I know this, I saw him do the same on other platforms as well and when confronted him, he laughed and ran away.