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Spam or Not Spam?

Hey guys, I received this message tonight. Do you think it’s spam or a legitimate gig? I’m still a little new at this. And this seems iffy to me.

"Would you be interested in a gig posting a review for our company on Google?

If you have a Google account that’s at least 8 months old (which means the account should be “your own” personal account), then I’d be interested in buying a gig from you.

Let me know."


Not spam but probably scam.
If not, it’s a buyer who hasn’t read the ToS.

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Do not do it. You could have your account on fiverr banned. This has been restricted on fiverr at the request of Google.


Thank you guys for you input! That’s why I brought it to the forum, lol. I marked it as spam. I figured it was, but you never know-- he could have just worded it badly too, I’ve had couple of those too.


Yes I am getting 2 spam messages everyday asking to sign up for some tool which will automate social media, i was considering for first 2 message but then the messages didnt stop. Its one week now and the same mesg is being sent on daily basis.
Request Fiverr admins to do something about it. Thanks.

Nope! Don’t do it! That’s all scam