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Spam out of control

Anyone else feel that the Spam on the site, the “I’ve got lots of work for you, visit here for more”, is just getting out of control? I know it happens and happens in ebbs and flows, but my goodness, its nonstop lately.

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like this…

Hello sir
I need some work my company
I am very interested your gig post
Its is big project of my company
Click the link see full details of the work
–Thank You—

  1. Reply no thanks
  2. Block them on the app
  3. Check to see how long they have been a member.
  4. Click “Report” under there name (on their Fiverr page) denote as spam.
  5. Return to their account in 30 minutes and watch it vanish
  6. Have a victory cuppa tea

I do this every time and its good advice for everyone, especially new people on the platform. I know there’s little Fiverr can do other than what they already are, its just irritating.


Yeah. Originally I started getting toxic about it saying things like: “Stop bothering people here and go get a real job!” But, I can’t fall prey to their level and have decided to pretext my replies to new accounts that have contradicting time zones (It says they’re from US, but their time is definitely Oceania) with:

“Hi there, I am not interested in job offers not concerning my gigs or communicating outside of Fiverr. Thanks.”

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There was another post about scam/spam messages a few weeks ago. One of the posters in the thread shared a response he had made into one of his “Quick Responses.” I changed it a bit and made my version of his message.

However, ever since I made it, I have not had a scam/spam message! :thinking:


Thanks for contacting me. Unfortunately, your request doesn’t align with the service that I offer. In fact, it does not align with any of my services! Apologies if this hadn’t seemed clear to you after reading my gig descriptions. I suggest you stop looking for sellers who might fall for this silly scam.

*By the time you have finished reading this, I have already blocked and reported your account! *

Best of luck and have a wonderful (not really) day! :wink: