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Spam request on my account to verify upwork

I have been getting these request on my gigs asking me to verify upwork on their behalf. Is there anyway I can block all these? This is so annoying.

Oh man, those are so annoying. I don’t think you can. I’m actually surprised Fiverr didn’t take them down right away. They have bots that take down spam and scam accounts/messages quickly. I would have thought that would cover Upwork posts, too.

Yeah, these are annoying. Just reply “no” (literally… two characters), and click report (you can choose to block them when you do).

Just don’t forget to reply once BEFORE you report them or your Response Rate will go down. Fiverr claims to have fixed the Reponse Rate bug, but they haven’t (yes, after reporting them you will see a legend saying that “This will not affect your reponse rate” - I can attest that this is a false claim.).

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Just report these types of messages and even you can block these users.

I did blocked them. But i have been getting bunch of them. Probably one every week.

I suspect you may be targeted because of the nature of your work. If I remember correctly Upw*rk has a lot of sellers in web migration and host-related services.