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Spam Sellers are Evolving

It seems the sellers who spam other successful seller inboxes looking for work or advice are getting more creative! Instead of getting a message in my Fiverr inbox, as I usually do, they found my personal email address and emailed me there. (To be fair, that’s not hard to do - there aren’t that many Paul Maplesden’s around) I was just surprised at this blatant misuse of communication. Naturally, they have been reported to Fiverr support.

Anyone else had similar experiences to this?



Yes, i got many messages from the new and level 1 sellers. Recently one seller has sent a message as a warning and threat. the message is like this with his another account gig link

"Please check my real.account gig link. i send you my real account link.

Order me Now Ok…
if you are not order me. Than i report you "

Then immediately I reported and Fiverr has taken care of me and deactivated that sellers account.

My kind request to all sellers here: Please be polite and honest, try to work hard and explore your self. Do not mess up with any other sellers and asking or threatening for work.

Work hard and please use your own profile images, and gig images. If you have issues using your own image as profile image create your own logo and get it approve d from Fiverr CS to use as your profile image.


That is crazy! I never got this kind of spam thankfully, but I do get every now and then messages asking me if I want to share my orders.


This is awkward! How can someone get you mail? May be you have simple email that anyone can guess, otherwise its hard to get someone’s email.

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Yes i got the message like that from that seller who has 2 different accounts. when i reported fiverr Team has taken care of this issue.

Well, at least you won´t get a penalty if you don´t reply or report the spam within 24 hours in these cases.

I can´t say I´m surprised, few things surprise me here by now and (insert famous Einstein quote, yes, that one).

I guard my personal email address, though, so, no.

They do take care of those who break the rules. I have once reported someone who used my main gig image (watermark and name included) and I was surprised when I realized that they deleted his account.

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Call me paranoid but what if this is an attempt to harm a competitor’s legitimate account? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

that is what the message i got from a seller. I have reported to fiverr regarding that message.

You did the right thing. I just hope CS consider’s this a possibility when taking action.

I hope soon someone considers taking action against them:persevere: