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Spam shouldn't count for the response rate

Just because some spammer sends a irrelevant message like “hi” or “hello” and that’s all this doesn’t mean we have to answer it in 24 hours, this is purely non-sense! All this 60 days system has no use because it’s not relevant at all. With so many complaints around you should really do something about it. Since you’ve implemented this 60 days thing rating is not relevant anymore.


Spammers improve my response time because I don’t have to do any thinking before I reply. Just send a short reply back and report them as spam so they can’t continue the conversation… Hope this helps.


Unless the spamer is active while you sleep.


Non-sense, this means people who encourage others to send them pms will get a higher response rate :slight_smile:

Anyway, don’t really care since any of these suggestions do not seem to be taken into consideration.

Many buyers are active when I’m asleep, too. And my mind is too foggy to respond to them first thing in the morning. But a spammer I can reply to quickly. I even have quick responses saved for them.


good for you, but answering a spammer is still called non-sense ::mind blowing::

I suggest you do that with your emails as well

I meant when spammer sent you a message while you in the middle of the sleep, you won’t be able to respond and flag, someone else will flag the message which leave you with a lower response time.

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Ah, right. But sometimes you can unmark it as spam, reply, and mark it as spam again. I know it’s a bit ridiculous and annoying, but I like to look at the bright side.

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It’s a bit ridiculous, but it’s Fiverr. We take the good and the bad when we sign up for this. At least we can make the best of things.


We have 24 hours to respond to buyers. So unless you wait until over 24 hours after receiving spam to respond, then you will be fine. :wink: Unless you sleep for over 24 hours at a time! :thinking:

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24h won’t help you because if someone will flag the guy while you sleep, Fiverr will remove the message so you won’t be able to answer it. But the your score will drop because you haven’t response to the message. I am not sure if they’ve fixed it, but I have several tickets to CS with a request to reset my response time because of that.

EDIT: that was 2 years ago, I hope this is not an issue anymore.

I’m a new seller and forum member. I didn’t have any idea about this type of critical issue. I read all the reply both of @adrover and @deesajn and other reply too. I think Fiverr need to think about it because we are not a machine.

Spam shouldn’t count for the response rate

Until Fiverr improves the program or hires programmers that really know their job, how to do things and are excellent at what they do, I’m afraid we’ll have to continue to deal with this mess.

It’s annoying but for now, we just need to answer the first message with something like “reported”, mark as spam and report the spammer.



And how come not responding to a ‘Thank you!’ from a buyer still impacts your response rate? It’s rude to tell them not to respond because it’ll impact your rate. I’m going to lose my Level 2 this month because I did a huge gig for one buyer, who then left me a tip. I wrote to them to say thanks and received a reply in turn ‘no, thank YOU for the work’. I can’t respond back to that so now, instead of being able to mark the conversation as closed, the algorithm is going to call me a rude git and whip my Level 2 away this week.

Can’t win. At least this wasn’t just for £3 a gig as it has been lately!

No, it does not affect your response rate. If for some strange reason, it did, you should contact CS. The response rate is only affected if you do not respond (within 24 hours) to the first message (in your inbox) from a user who is messaging you for the first time.