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SPAM? Someone wants contract

Hi guys!
I got a message few minutes ago that says:
I want to sign a contract with you about one important thing on 1~2 years period or on more than.
If our contract is achieved successfully, you would be paid the salary every month.
If you are in agreement with me , send me a message so that we can consult about the contract issues specifically.
I hope you cooperate with me.

Related to my photoshop gig, sent from profile without picture. Is this some kind of spam or? If anyone had experience or just opinion it would help me a lot! Thanks guys!

It’s either spam or it’s someone who doesn’t understand how Fiverr works. Clearly what they are asking for wouldn’t be allowed on Fiverr, so I would respond with “No, thanks.” If it were me, I’d probably report it as spam too since it does look that way, but that’s really up to you.


Thanks a lot! I told him that I can make a custom offer for him but I don’t want to play with Fiverr rules. He just told me “ok. stop. “. Mad guy :joy:

@fonthaunt @wasdey

More than spam, it looks like scam and they’re not mad guys but bad guys!

I hate it when somebody tries to insult other people’s intelligence and they not only think, but swear everyone is an idiot.

And yes, the best answer is “No, thanks, That violates Fiverr’s TOS”.