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Spam, spam, spam

Just today I’ve received two emails at have asked me if I 1) would like to get paid $5 for giving someone positive feedback on his eBay site, and 2) someone asking me to email them back if I want more info about an online business. I reported them both.

How much spam do you all usually receive? These were my first…


Never get any spam yet

Like @madmoo said not as much as I would expect on such a website but when I do I click the Report button and ignore

Why is the first one Spam? It seems to be a legitimate request for gig service based on your profile, no?

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Reply to @anarchofighter:

No, giving feedback has nothing to do with any of my gigs… The emails were sent as messages through my gigs.

OH yes, my mistake. I think I clicked another profile and saw some writing gigs. I see you’re all art. And frankly, very nice art!

I’ve never gotten spam on Fiverr before. Good thing, I get enough of it in my email inbox already.

I get it occasionally :confused: I either ignore or report.

I’ve never gotten spam on Fiverr before. Good thing, I get enough of it in my email inbox already.

I got once, I knew it because I couldn’t open the message and there’s a notification that it deleted due to spam flag. So I actually never read any spam message here LOL

I don’t usually get much spam thankfully

i haven’t received any yet but not surprised - a lot of spam going on on the internet.

I get nothing but spam. I have not gotten a single genuine inquiry on any of my gigs. I get everything from people just saying Hi and nothing else, to people saying they will pay me $250 dollars (which is well over my gig price) if I will contact them via Google Hangouts or ■■■■■. I have gotten 35 of them over the last 3 months and 14 were just the last month alone. I have contacted Fiverr customer service multiple times and they inform my case is unheard of to them. . . and it appears that may be the case. . . but they are doing nothing other than simply saying they are sorry. My response time is still taking a hit because I am not engaging with spammers. I would be curious to know if anyone else has had any issues close to what I am having.

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You are replying 7 years later (maybe you didn’t notice).

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Every week I receive a spam message at least!

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This is a seriously old post!


A few a week, usually from some guy called Lee.

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Lee and his/her agents always wake me up with so many messages. But waitoo!! This topic is 7 years old.

Report it to fiverr to block such message,thereither areally scammer most time


The moderators don’t like to see old posts resurrected!