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Spam Users - Fiverr is of NO help!

I have created 3 tickets (email request for help, since this is the only help option the site offers) over the last 60 days. I instantly (because it’s automated) get a reply they team is working on it… ha yeah right.
I have replied many times to my 1st ticket, no response. Weeks later I open another ticket, same song and dance. I reply to that ticket, still no response. I created another ticket. Would you be surprised to learn I have yet to hear back, shocker right?!!
Then as I’m cancelling my account I stumbled across this forum to my surprise it’s quite active. Before I fold up shop, let’s give this a whirl shall we?

  1. Why are so many users on this site spam/bots? Out of 100 people seeking for my help, 100 are spam and their account is instantly removed. So that tells me they “fiverr” does have people working for them actually. But they are just unequipped with responding to user questions/concerns.
    1a. If they are actively removing all those spam accounts, then why in God’s green earth can’t they respond to my now 3rd ticket request to them for help?

Clearly, this is not the best avenue for me to make money as I can only imagine an actual dispute (regarding money) getting resolved by any leadership team of this so called company…


I’ve never had an issue where I had to wait over 24 hours for support to respond. What is your question for support? Perhaps someone here can help.


I’ve never had the type of experience with customer support you are describing so I don’t know what has caused it.


I’ve never gotten an automatic message saying “our team is working on it” either.


Question was clearly outlined above. Start after the #1. Maybe once that question is answered, it will lead to other follow up questions. If you’d like I can share a screenshot to show the many attempts made by myself to email them to which not one reply comes back…

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I would like to see a screenshot of the attempts. I’m not clear on what type of help you were asking for?


You can download the screenshot directly on here. See the little icon with the up arrow


Sorry but I’m never going to click on most links here, that’s why I told you about downloading it directly from your device. Also that link will probably get removed soon.


I got a browser hijack the last time I clicked on a link here. It’s also not allowed to do that. So far I’m batting zero.


I uploaded the URL like you said but the site still removed or hid it.

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If you uploaded it, there would be the actual screenshot showing here not the link. If we keep at this long enough I’m sure we can get it eventually.


So that was your question for support, that there is a lot of spam and why don’t they do something about it?

It appears they don’t have an answer to that question.

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I have never had a problem. Fiverr always reply to my messages within hours!

There is more to the story, my simple question is after 3 attempts to get someone from support to reply back to me I’m now here… :wink:
Is it just too much to ask to have them respond…

Heck I’ll even give them credit if they responded with “we did get your other emails about this and we are still reviewing” but nope, can’t even get that.

They don’t have an answer to that issue, like the message said. If they did they would implement it.

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The message I got from them is automated, it’s not personalized… They DIDN’T say “We don’t have an answer”
You get the same response no matter what you send it to them…

I have some automated responses I use to annoying repetitive questions I get all the time and there is no answer for so I use that when replying personally would be getting me and the other person nowhere.

Your question was more of a general complaint that won’t get any type of results in any way so they simply sent the standard reply.

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Great! Makes perfect sense to ignore your users then. Even if you don’t have the answer that is ok but simply ignoring is not ok…