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Spam/virus from Top buyer

Hi, i’ve been getting tons of spam recently. Today I started negotiating a gig with a top buyer, and they sent a file. I am reluctant to open. Does anyone have any idea how to handle this without offending the buyer? I think it is a legitimate job, but I can’t be sure. I would rather not risk my laptop for thirty dollars.
What can I do?



most of the time fiverr blocks the spams automatically. but in some cases it doesn’t work . or written in really unknown “sha hashes” scripts. so don’t worry. just use an good antivirus in your pc. and after downloading that file. open in “antivirus sandbox” that will hold your back from malicious attacks. if that file really contains any bad malware or virus then it will automatically move to antivirus chest and later will be deleted. your computer drives will remains safe

Don’t do it.

It’s not just a virus risk or an account risk. It’s also just unreasonable for a prospect expect you to do that. There’s no reason to need to download a file in the prospecting process. This person just doesn’t want to do the work of explaining the concept to you and wants you to do the work to figure it out. Those buyers are nothing but trouble.

Unless, of course, it’s a scam.

If it might be risky you could ask if they could type/paste the info into the Fiverr messaging system.