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Spam warnings from Fiverr

I have received warning form Fiverr regarding spam massage but I just sent only public offer
My seller account was blocked and I have not appear my seller profile
How can I activate my account
Is it permanently locked


Are you seller and did you message other sellers with offers?


I sow buyer request this account

If you sent an offer to a specific buyer request that’s okay. If you posted a buyer request (not an offer) that was advertising your services that would be against the TOS I think (ie. you can’t create a buyer request to promote your Fiverr services in the buyer request section but you can send offers to requests).


I see several like these daily, how can they pass the reviewing process?


Maybe they aren’t manually reviewed carefully enough. Maybe there’s too many requests and too few people with not a lot of time to review them. Maybe also the automatic filtering which I assume they have could be made better.


Honestly I have no clue. I once posted that I wanted an Android app developed, and described how I wanted it. It was simple. but my BR was rejected…


You could contact CS at the help desk or via to find out if you can get your account (or a new one) activated if it’s disabled.


If it was rejected immediately I assume it could be automatic filtering. Though I’d think they might give a reason for the rejection. It may be how the request was worded.


Nope, I swear it was rejected after few hours, the line that I think got it to be rejected is that, I wrote “If you read the whole thing, reply with strawberry” because I know some people send offers without even reading the description… Anyways, I gave up lol.


Fiverr wouldn’t have disable your account just for spam messages. There is something else that you are not telling us.
Fiverr banning accounts mostly after 3 warnings. So what was your other warnings?


Honestly it says it was 2nd warning currently my account restricted and under review
Will my account permanently restricted
Seeking to advise

But I did not send any spam massage just send offer to buyer request

I have received only 2 warning,
Will my account permanently banned or Is it any possibility to get back my account, if it possible How long it will takes to get back my profile.

No one on the forum can tell you that. Fiverr said that their trust and safety team is reviewing your account. If you did break TOS then it’s very unlikely that you will get your account back.

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Thanks for advice
But honesty I did not intentionally break TOS, it was my mistake

In deed I wonder how.

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Same happened to me, I was searching for something so I sent a request that was denied for no reason and I can see A LOT of sellers using buyer request every single day!

Your account also suspended

Same thing happened with me. My account is disabled for spam messages. It says that your message is being reviewed by our Trust and Safety team since it suspected to be spam. Instead of sending the same message to multiple sellers - post a public request. Note: Messaging to advertise your service is not allowed. I have contacted CS and I did not know when they are going to reply me. What should I do? (I am a Seller)