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Hi guys. I recently became a lvl 1 seller and to celebrate it I decided to make a promotion. So I made a code and I wrote a small article and post in on forums. Few minutes after a bunch of other meaningless(most of them) posts were posted after it and my post went thru a black hole.

How do I fight with the spam in the gig section so my gig can be seen from more people? I really don’t want to become a spammer myself. I don’t want to post the same gig over and over again a few times a day. I’ll be happy to get some advises. Thank you.

The truth is that the forums here really aren’t a great advertising spot. While it’s allowed in My Fiverr Gigs, not only do they get buried but not many people read them. The thing you have to remember is that the highest percentage of forum readers are sellers who don’t buy gigs. The second highest is sellers who might buy a gig here and there as well, but aren’t usually big spenders or buying regulars.

Your target market would be buyers, but the majority of buyers don’t even look at the forum unless they are really angry about something. Once they get mad, they may come to the forum to find out how to submit a ticket, vent, or name/shame. Those buyers will just get more upset if they are asked to buy more gigs when they are still in anger mode.

The BEST places to post your promos are off-Fiverr. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Warrior Forums, blogs and forums that about things your audience wants to read about. The best way to advertise is to provide interesting comments and information in those places so people want to read what you write. THEN you advertise once you’ve got them engaged with good content.