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Hi sometimes i get a message from a buyer and a sign pops up that says i can’t communicate with this buyer because he/she is in my spam file or such…?? i take them off there and am able to talk to the buyer but i’m wondering why this is happening.i didn’t see any spam settings?..

when you se this message you cannot communicate with this user , it means this user has been spamming and people reported that user.

no you cannot message him no more his pm box is closed or account banned

hope this helps
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Thank you.

Hi leenasaleem

  1. Yes, that user has been reported by others for spam or a message that contains external links etc

  2. Yes, you can communicate if you click on ‘unspam’. Then you are able to respond to that user saying something like ‘please do not spam’ and then click on the ‘report’ button. This way you will have responded on time and by clicking ‘report’ the response clock will stop.

Sounds complicated? Yes. But although I see the ‘spam alert’ and the ‘you can’t communicate with this user’ , IF I am not the one who has clicked on ‘report’ first, when I check my inbox I see the clock ticking and if I don’t respond my response rate will get less than 100%.

It is always good to check if the system expects you to respond to message BEFORE you archive or delete it!

I share with you an answer on this subject that I received on this issue from customer support today. This is better than my own complicated formula of course:

(quote) “…your Response Rate tracks how quickly you respond to the first inbox message from a potential buyer within 24 hours of receiving that message. The statistic based on the last 30 days of a your activity. Please note that reporting a message as spam is considered a response to a message. So if you receive an inappropriate or spammy message that you are unable to respond to, please report it within 24 hours.”

hope that helps :slight_smile:

Reply to @ilovecustomers:

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Thank You Very much!!