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Spamed/Blocked Buyers SHOULD NOT be able to order from you

So, I reported a buyer for spam and not only was he able to still contact me, also he was able to place orders with me as well. If I block someone, usually i don’t want any dealings with them, especially business. I think we as sellers should be able to do business ONLY with users WE want to. Also, what is the point of rating a buyer if we have no way of seeing the reviews when we go to their page. This is something that can easily be implemented. If i go to a buyer’s page I should be able to see all the bad/good things sellers left about them. Even sellers should have a page that shows reviews for them as both a seller and buyer. Also, since i am ranting, the gig countdown should start once I acknowledge the order. If I am asleep and I wake up to an order that has 12 hours left, this is just creating drama for no reason. I understand why people should be able to go ahead and place an order, but I think WHEN I ACTUALLY OPEN IT TO READ, the countdown should start. Whats the point of the queue if it actually doesn’t work as a line. The next order doesn’t activate or something once i submit an order to a buyer, they are all active at the same time, so there really isn’t a queue??? What do you guy’s think, share your thoughts pleasssse!

I have no additional input for 1 & 2.

for 3.

We need some kind of real queue. Have the seller set their hold queue for a specific number of days, like 1 - 5 days available to them. The gig description would say how many days that queue is set for and how many orders are waiting in that queue. When the seller is ready to work, he/she removes the item from queue and begins working it. If the seller does not remove it from queue before the queue time starts, the order automatically cancels and the buyer receive credit back to Fiverr account immediately. No need for buyer and seller to cancel, it is automatic. The cancellation would have an automatic message of “I apologize, but I was not able to get to this project in time” or the seller can customize a message.

If not that, then yes, we desperately need to have the ability to approve a transaction before it hits our queue, with a time of 3 days (time to complete a delivered gig) to approve it or it auto cancels with a message of “the buyer did not accept your order.” I have it in my gig to contact me before orders because I get a lot of them - and writing short stories takes time! - and while some buyers do contact me first before order, I still have others who do not and cancellation rates hurt. :frowning: