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Is there any way to prevent the spamming from ********** and ********** freelancers trying to use U.S. Account? 80% of my messages are spam and it takes so much time out of my day to stop and respond to everyone to keep my response time up when the bulk of the messages are just spam.

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I don’t know if somebody does that, but if i see somebody texted me and under it there is a text document, I reply with a . and report them straight away.
Your gig prices also bring up spammers and scammers.
The lower price you have more chance they think you will get on them. Bigger price gig costs, less spam you get. That’s my personal experience.


Use the report button. You should be able to do at least 100 per hour. :fast_forward:

You’re still very much alive so far. :wink:

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Just report the spammers. Fiverr support will ban the spammers.

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Our prices start at 3k and Fiverr is not our only stream of business so no, I don’t have time to do 100 per hour. Of course I report them all but getting 5-6 an hour is very distracting from actual clients and actual work.

Hi, hope you don’t mind me asking, but what is this:
We create custom plugins and tools to expand the CMS Thanks, I’m not familiar with that.

As far as the messages go, I don’t know if you will be like me in this regard but the bulk of my messages are not spam but from people who are not going to buy from me, and some can be annoying. So whether it’s spam or something else, the messages may not all be ones you welcome.

At least the spam is easy to recognize and quickly get rid of.