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Spammer hitting from different profile names! sellers beware!


This was the second spam of the same kind of which i got today. its from ***** and asking to work outside fiverr. what are these people thinking?! fiverr should take them out! this is too much now.!

Mod Note: Country reference & screenshot removed. Calling out user name/country reference is against forum rules.


i got same spam messages today. :


oh okay, sorry i didnt knew.


I don’t know, Why this rules - If someone doing spamming on fiverr - Eveyone should know about that user behavior - What’s wrong in that?


Haha beats me. Im really confused. I mean what do they expect by not letting us point out to fiverr sellers about threats and spammers?!


You report spammers to Fiverr using the ‘report’ button on the message if you get one.

There’s no point in ‘naming and shaming’ them here - what are you going to do? Send them a spam message to tell them to stop sending spam? :wink:


But when sellers from the communtiy actually sees them, dont they get a heads up on whos who?? Fiverr takes care of spams internally.


Their accounts won’t last long if they’ve been spamming - as users we can’t do anything to stop them sending spam, so it’s all a bit pointless really.

We all know what spam is when we get it, but we can’t actually stop them from being sent.


Oh okay. Lets do nothing on spammers then. :hugs:


That’s CS’s job, not ours. Do you do your own policing on the street, or do you leave it to the police who are trained and paid to do it?

Just the same really. :slightly_smiling_face:


yeah agreed! i get the point :slight_smile: