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Spammer or fake account?

Hello I received a message from a buyer an hour ago but when I check the buyer profile its no longer available (clicking on his/her profile redirects to fiverr homepage)
But by the name it looks like a fake profile. Im not sure if I should reveal the username of that buyer here because I don’t know if it is against the rules or not but I can tell you that its includes the combination of some numbers and a word ‘girl’. Also country name is not clearly mentioned in the profile instead it only mentioned ‘europe’.
I found some old posts similar to this. But is it possible that fiverr automatically deactivated that profile or I have to report it?


It’s against the TOS to include any names, but if the profile is not active, this buyer might have been reported for spamming other sellers and was removed. It’s best to give a quick response if you can, then report them so your response rate won’t go down.


Thanks for the tips. Yeah I responded to that account but just after few minutes the profile of that buyer is gone. Sadly I responed to that spammer a bit late (after approx 3 hours) because I was stuck in one event and the network was gone.