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Spammer or Hacker May be Text me. What i do?

A seller text me. He send me a link to access his link. He text me if i access the web link , i can earn $300-$500. I reported about the buyer.
Its like me a magic that his id name “graphicpicker” He text me. But i never see his id in fiverr. What i do? Please help me.

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I didn’t understand much of what you wrote… but if you reported him, I think this is all you can do. :wink:


@matevzs1 One month ago he text me like same. I reported that time. But he send me again. Can i block him? How block a buyer?

You can’t block on here. You can only report them. Fiverr will remove them eventually.

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Avoid it and click the report button and better to inform fiverr CS

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ooh warning!
report him!! or…
you can earn 300$ in fiverr… so, send him a custom order $300 :wink:

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@excelassist i reported at the first time. But he again text me.

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@deivys20071 oh no! It was not a issue of custom offer. It was a external link out of fiverr.

$300-$500 !!! WOW !!!

@graphixunlimite its not a matter of fun. I face the problem. Has it any guarantee you can’t fall in same problem?

I’m sorry. of course its not a matter of fun. Everybody has already suggested you what to do, and my suggestion is the same. This is what the “Report” button for.

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You should avoid his message and block his message,