Spammer or Hacker May be Text me. What i do?


A seller text me. He send me a link to access his link. He text me if i access the web link , i can earn $300-$500. I reported about the buyer.
Its like me a magic that his id name “graphicpicker” He text me. But i never see his id in fiverr. What i do? Please help me.


I didn’t understand much of what you wrote… but if you reported him, I think this is all you can do. :wink:


@matevzs1 One month ago he text me like same. I reported that time. But he send me again. Can i block him? How block a buyer?


You can’t block on here. You can only report them. Fiverr will remove them eventually.


Avoid it and click the report button and better to inform fiverr CS


ooh warning!
report him!! or…
you can earn 300$ in fiverr… so, send him a custom order $300 :wink:


@excelassist i reported at the first time. But he again text me.


@deivys20071 oh no! It was not a issue of custom offer. It was a external link out of fiverr.


$300-$500 !!! WOW !!!


@graphixunlimite its not a matter of fun. I face the problem. Has it any guarantee you can’t fall in same problem?


I’m sorry. of course its not a matter of fun. Everybody has already suggested you what to do, and my suggestion is the same. This is what the “Report” button for.


You should avoid his message and block his message,