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Spammers in Graphics category

I’m frustrated there’s no button to report gigs. Lately, while browsing the Illustration and Cartoons categories, I noticed that some people are apparently mass creating accounts and gigs. The gigs’ descriptions are often copied and pasted, and they tend to be just a couple of sentences in broken English (I know, I’m not a native speaker either) where nothing is explained very well. But what frustrates me the most is that they don’t even post samples of their own work. They steal images from well-known artists (Leonid Afremov, Alice X Zhang, among others) and use them as samples, sometimes don’t even bothering to remove the watermarks.

I think if this kind of thing is not controlled it can damage Fiverr’s image, because there’s no way those people will be able to provide work that matches what is promised, and even if they don’t get many orders, they still take up too much space in the search results and bury those of us who put a lot of effort into our orders.

There are too many of them, with many more to come each and every day. It’ll take lots of manpower and resources to check each of them and eradicate the spammers as most of the stolen work involved images rather than texts. But you can still report them via customer support.

Just let the market works it out itself. They’ll soon be buried deep down in the search results if they’re not capable of producing great work to the quality they’re claiming.

It’s not just confined to the Illustration and Cartoon categories. This kind of “mass-creating gigs” thing is popping up in all sorts of categories. I’m sure Fiverr has their hands full dealing with the many gigs they are likely aware of. Still, it’s disturbing to see how fast this kind of junk is propagating throughout the Fiverr categories.

Even though the button to report a gig is not currently active, they did make it a little easier to report this sort of thing. Go to the Customer Support page, click submit a ticket on the upper right, and report the seller for “behavior” which will go to the Trust and Safety team. Next time I do it I will try to make a more specific guide. It can be done in just a few minutes ago and will even let you upload screen shots if need be.

willpower makes a great point - the market always cleanses itself