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Spammers of the Buyers Request Section need to be penalized

I believe I speak for a lot of sellers when I say that it’s not just annoying and time consuming for the real sellers when we have to spit through all the ‘offers’ made by morons in the Buyers Request Section.

They are morons because a human being with a healthy brain function would know that no potential buyer will look for offers in that section. They post their request there and wait.

We as sellers have to dig every day through that spam and finally just give up. This is at least what I do as the time I spend doing this is just not worth it.

In some cases I contacted the spammer and asked them politely if they could stop that as they poison the whole system for everyone with their action. Plus: I told them, also politely that I will report them when they do it again.

However, there should come a penalty for those who do this. For example setting their account on hold for a certain amount of time. If they never made a sale before they also should be removed entirely. They are morons anyway. Just have a look at their profiles when you find one. Most of the time they are quite empty.

I believe the best thing would be to add a flag system where we can mark them as spam and that they then are reported automatically.

There has to come a solution for this as this problem is taking functionality out of this site.

It does spam the inbox: you need to contact CS in order to delete the offer, even after you’ve refused it.

Awesome UI.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! This has been driving me insane also! And those who erroneously post on the Buyer’s Section are rude to you when you simply ask them why they’re trying to SELL in the BUYER’S SECTION!