Spammers, spammers, Every where


Hi everyone. Just today i came across with someone who used a new way ( at least new for me) to increase views on YouTube. Check the attached image. I just noticed it after a while and then straight away hit the report button. Thought I should share it with you guys, :information_desk_person:


sometimes they put youtube video on Buyer Request section. They don’t have anything to do but just getting views :smiley:


Gotta give it to that guy’s effort. lol


Just look at the idea. Need a standing ovation.


A+ for effort but I wonder if he realises most people won’t click random links with no context.


I do :disappointed_relieved: Its because most sellers refer to the video for something ( content or visuals etc). But this was something really different then I offer. Also when I noticed the channel name was same of both videos, I got it then.


I had one of those but even with more effort, was actually referencing my gig and asking if I can translate something like (insert spam link)



I always ask for a brief description of what they’re after and apologise that I can’t click links without knowing some context about the requirement first. For me there’s no point in going through a 5 minute video if it might be something I don’t offer and don’t want to do.
Though this may be partly driven by my pathetic rural internet which only has 6GB a month and so videos especially are saved for the wifi in the cafe in the nearest town :slight_smile:


Pretty smart… :+1:


Or one of those terrible Clickbank videos that go on and on and on and… I have no idea what happens next, because I click away from them. Does anyone actually watch them?


nope, nope, nope



Actually yes. There have been a lot of spammers lately. I see people providing links to get more views and even direct them to useless 3rd party websites.