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Spammers trying drag us fake site

I got few message from some one, regarding promoting our service in outside fiverr. The site name is FRAGGLESROCK or something like that.

They designed the page similar to fiverr front page.

Guys be aware, don’t fool by high price mentioned in front page. This is definitely scam/spam.

The name of the site they send is FRAGGLESROCK

Yes Its Scam…Don’t register :confused:

Haha… they contact me few times and hope Fiverr could take note on such case.

Yes otherwise some newbies will get trapped.

They redirected me to a website “Yes VISITORS” where ( according to them ) they can send traffic to our GIGs and we can get orders. I was smart enough to do Google them before ordering.

I was scammed on Fiverr before, someone hacked my account via Fiverr by creating a similar Fiverr website and forcing me to login ( phishing )

Sellers be safe.

I received about 5 messages to join FRAGGLESROCK and reported them to Fiverr.

Hopefully they will get banned.

@swagger125, thanks for the head up. Didn’t know is possible to get hacked like this.

Reply to @swagger125:

buddy don’t click those suspicious links while you browsing fiverr in same browser

they will steal your cookies.

Use some extra protection

Reply to @spark4hope:

yes they can hack you if you click the link that& if that link made to steal your cookie information

one of my fellow seller got hacked & lost his money.