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Spammers week

Hi all! Hope everyone is great and spam free.
I got 3 spam mails this week on fiverr and was reading someone’s comments regarding those spam do they really hack your password and money ?
Moreover are you guys also getting such spam mails?

I got one from ‘Aisha’ a couple of minutes ago saying she really liked my profile and wanted me to email her privately so that I could see her picture. Obviously, I didn’t but even if I did I can’t imagine how little Aisha would be able hack my account.

I got the one from Aisha too, and one from someone who said “hi” and one from someone telling me he is new and does data work. It’s getting much more frequent lately. No they can’t hack your account just from sending you spam.

Hi guys, I also got a message from this Aisha. When I checked from my inbox, this message was indicated as “reported.” What I’m worried about is, how is this going to affect the response rate? I would have reported it if there was the option, since that’s the way to respond to that type of spam, but since someone beat me to it (which is perfectly fine), would it be okay to go ahead and delete that spam message without worrying about the response rate?

I got 3 also, including Aisha. More than usual for me, but otherwise same old cr@p. Response rate will recover by itself, but CS can fix it if you feel it’s critical. I just wait it out.

I’ll just wait this first one out, then. Thank you for your input FontHaunt. I feel a little better about it now.

Since that spam was reported already and I can’t respond to it anyway by reporting it myself, it would be unfair, and for other spam victims too, if the response rate is affected because of a dumb spam message or few.

I also got a message from this Aisha…

Well, there goes me feeling special because I got a message off Aisha. And there was me thinking that it could have been the start of something beautiful. Me, Aisha and my wee dog becoming the reigning kings, queens & mutts of Fiverr whilst also ruling over a small empire of North Africans running a multi-national 419 scam.

That tease…

Haha she mailed me :smiley:

Oh someone told on a post that their account got hacked and money was all gone

Nah dear fiverr take handy such people.

Lol she sent me her pics and a long story blah blah… Didn’t opened them it must malicious content that can hack.

She sent you pics and a long story? What did she want?

ame old spam… I have alot of money struck somewhere help me in withdrawing it :stuck_out_tongue: These sort of useless hackers make fun of people who are new to internet…

I got one from aisha as well…I didn’t click it of course but since it was my
Second message only I really wish i could have used it as a chance to boost my response rate :smiley:

aisha skipped me, i never got that spam message, i think she forgot about me since i have read your posts and almost all of you have got the aisha’s mail

Hah aisha was so rude if she appears next time we will ask her to include you in her spam list :wink:

She probably got banned by now.

Good question… I replied and then reported it again.