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Today I got lots or messages from suspicious persons. Including shortened url. They not trying to do real business.

They definitely trying to hack you. Guy be aware & don’t ever click that links. You have any doubt just click report.

They will send you like this "Before i order you you might interest to look at this (url)"

Or " I found your works are amazing i’m interested to share this with you (url)

If you ever get shortened url don’t click. I’m in Graphic designing so i request any samples instead of urls.

I think that’s the most safest way.

Same here to me also, last night I got 3 spamming messages, I don’t what happened but it now shows as their profiles are inactive. Does fiverr has spam detection tools?

I reported them. May be some other users also did that. Now they blocked.

Reporting spammers also bans them, so do report a message if you see a spammer and save that tenth of a second for others as well XD

I also received 3 messages today with shortened url… stating that your gigs are great, i would like to place orders but before that take a look at this… when i clicked on the link, it took to me a different website which claims as fiver approved. On the surface it looked like they were trying to sell a package which will give me loads of traffic on my gigs and there will be at least 3% conversion on the orders… !! Since all the 3 messages popped at the same time, and linked me to the same site, i thought it was a spam. After seeing this discussion, now i m sure about it.

Some time back , someone wanted to buy my username for couple of hundred dollars. When i asked why it was so imp for them to buy this user name, i never got any response!

Sellers pls beware of such messages also pls share your exp to alert others.

Never click on shortened url. It will kill you.

Always ask buyer to send information as a attachment. Also there’s a Risk. If someone send you .EXE file , never open it. Report him asap.

by the way,i got these messages from these 3 names - fragglesrock, fragglesrock, fragglesrock

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Thanks for warning!

Im also got hacking message from fiverr user…

Don’t reply to them and Report him…

Thanks :slight_smile:

I was spammed last night but they were reported before I signed on this morning. But folks do keep a look out and always regard attachments responsibly.