Is anybody else getting spam messages with things like:

hey i have seen you have a couple of gigs blablabla

and i can promote them for you blablabla

Then when you try to contact the person that send you a message they can not be contacted due to 'privacy reasons’

In a short hour I could 3 of these simular messages. I sure hope fiverr will work on banning these people, because it sure is very annoying indeed


Often when they can’t be contacted it means fiverr has blocked them already.


3 Today myself. Does this really work for them…I mean it’s kinda like the ol Nigerian Prince Scam. Any day now I feel I’m gonna get a message like…

"Dear TheJeffCallaway,

My name is Prince Abi-Spammeire, I am a prince in Nigeria and am having trouble with political uprising. I desperately need to get my 50,000 Gig Orders out of here! Please send me your password and I will transfer them to your safe account!

Please Help!"

Yea…Now back to work. LOL


ive been getting a ton of fiverr sellers spamming me…asking me if i want more traffic to my fiverr site…soooo annoying i tell them to stop spamming me and that its against the fiverr TOS and that its Unwelcomed


I got 9 messages within 45 minutes this morning, reported all 9 to CS, and all were deleted within an hour or so. What I really found annoying was that I couldn’t click the “report” button to block future messages because there was a code of some sort in the message that blocked it. I could read the code, but don’t know enough about it to know how to work around it. VERY frustrating! Of course, the accounts were quickly gone, but there’s something very satisfying about seeing that red “blocked” symbol~!


Welcome to the buyers spamming,Yep Sellers cant do it yet buyers and do anything they want.Not right the sellers seem to never been looked as anything


I got one recently. I think I’ve gotten 4 so far in my tenure here at Fiverr. It’s annoying only because when you see you have a “to do”… you think it’s a legit order. And then find out it’s not. Just some lame spammer… smh.


I got 3 messages yesterday, same text, different persons, and i reported them, i thing is some kind of pishing


Good to know it is not just me. I am glad that these profiles are being deleted.


Hmmm… I haven’t. Now I feel left out. =P


Now and then I seem to get the odd promotional message, but I think they are getting better at dealing with this problem.