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Spamming in the Buyer Requests market!

OK this is for all you desperadoes that keep spamming it with your services, for starters, NO BUYER CAN ACTUALLY SEE YOUR SPAM, it’s reserved for SELLERS eyes ONLY, think about it, ppl request a service, so naturally anyone that has services related to that request will be able to bid for that service, it makes no logical sense for a buyer to see another buyer’s request!
So with that in mind, stop been a dummy and spamming it!
Thank you, end of rant :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha. I think some of think that’s where they can “Request for buyers”… I still do not understand why when we post a request, it still has to go on pending and be reviewed, yet SPAM still appears…I thought it was reviewed and what not… ohwell

Buyers Requests is very ambiguous. After all, a mere apostrophe can change the meaning completely (“Buyer’s Requests”). If your English isn’t great…

The spammy idiots aren’t going to read this. They just don’t know. Or they do know and don’t care. The only onus here is on Fiverr to moderate the godamn section instead of “tweaking” unwanted features and ignoring…

…argh! See, you’re criticizing the wrong people. The real wrongdoers here are actually at Fiverr HQ Cheap platforms attract cheap sellers and greedy buyers. Hopefully the founders will wake up from their daze and stop acting like psychopathic toddlers and dealing with real issues that long-term sellers complain about.

Oh wait, sorry. I love Fiverr. I just want to make it better. You care about some chickenfeed uy who can’t even string together an English sentence and hopes to make a global business, while worshiping businesses that violate international laws? lolololololol


That last comment wasn’t directed at Fiverr. More at HSBC. But whatever.Game’s rigged.

At least this post is proof that it is sometimes reviewed and that some do use it on purpose to spam:

This makes me sad. :frowning:

If I change at least one persons mind on doing it then it’s a win, they might spread the word via outsourcing, the rest might get the hint then… :stuck_out_tongue: