Spamming my inbox


I bought a Photoshop gig, and it was great.

But now, I have lots of Photoshop kids sending me unsolicited offers. One of them, who shall remain nameless, even said “Please, sir, give me a chance” after I said “No, thank you.”

I finally said, “Every time you message me makes it less likely that I’ll use your services.”

Not satisfied, he just had to leave another one saying he was sorry.

If you’re reading this, kids, stop it. I won’t use anyone who sends me an unsolicited offer.



I agree. I’ve had several unsolicited offers lately. The ones that drive me the craziest are the ones that message you and only say “hello.” Geez, now I have to respond or my response rate goes down. I wish there were a “no reply necessary” button.


I get so many for my writing gig (in poor English that tells me they wouldn’t be able to complete to the quality that I promise my buyers). My response rate was dropping, so I created a standard response with:

“I don’t outsource my own writing. Please do not spam writers’ inboxes to get work. Spamming is against Fiverr’s TOS and I will report you.”

After the first response there’s no need to reply to keep the response rate up (only counts for the first message) so I don’t bother responding if there’s anything else.

If someone is asking for help, I direct them to one of my gigs that’s designed for this. If they pay for me to help them then great, but usually it gets rid of them.


You can answer with: “Spam. Reported.” and click on the Report button.


Kids, LOL…


Ugh, I get this all the time. Things like, “hi i am qulity writer can you pleas give me som of your work i can help if you busy.”

I usually send the old form response, “Sorry, I don’t outsource my work.” But I always want to tell people that pitching a proposal like this is about as unprofessional as it gets…

And then there are the fun ones where people ask me to advertise their site on my blog for free and get “Up to a hundred thousand hits!” in exchange. I sent a stiff, professional response to one of these spammers and he got so mad at me! He sent back a message telling me something wacko, along the lines of how he was going to help give me overnight fame, but I blew it and he wouldn’t help me now if I begged.

Whatever you say, dude.