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Spamming my tweets!

Please stop spamming other people’s tweets with your gigs! I am writing about social injustice on Twitter then you just see some stranger replying with their gigs. That is called spamming. I want to be supportive to all fellow Fiverr freelancers abut this is getting annoying.

If it continues I swear I am going to start posting you here on the forums. Advertise your gigs without spamming others we do stuff outside Fiverr too lets respect each other!


Its really hurt when people spamming in others tweets by their GIGS URL,
Fiverr only support sharing on their tweet to boost traffic.
But nowadays some people do this kind of stuff :neutral_face:
I appreciate your post

Hi @firestarter92, you might consider reporting those users to Twitter for spamming your account.


Welcome to the Fiverr forums. I agree that you should report on the Twitter platform for spam.


Thank you for posting this. It happens hundreds of times a day.

A while back I found a popular YouTube video that was teaching people to spam Tweets. A lot of sellers just assume it’s good advice even though it is a perfectly asinine tactic.

I have noticed through researching Tweets berating sellers for spamming, sometimes those sellers are suspended or banned.

So I always use the reporting function to report sellers who spam Tweets Tweets because they’re breaking Twitter ToS. It is: report for spam and then in the next window you choose " Using the reply function to spam."

If enough people report, the seller will probably be suspended or banned.

So please report if you aren’t doing so already!

It’s so disappointing that this many sellers are this unethical and ignorant. I must have reported hundreds of them on Twitter for spam. Every minute several new spam Tweets are posted to people’s threads.

Another rotten thing they do is use irrelevant hashtags or quote Tweet irrelevant articles and post it with a bit ly to their gig. It’s pathetic and sad how unethical and incompetent so many sellers are.


Calling out other users isn’t allowed on the forum.

There are desperate sellers who spam my tweets, too. I even wrote about it here, a while ago:


Please be mindful: Fiverr gigs, spammed on Twitter, have nothing to do with “social injustice”. “Social justice” is a current events issue, not a Fiverr gigs spamming/promotion/marketing issue.

I think they mean that they are tweeting about social injustice and people are replying with their gig links.


She isn’t saying the spam is social injustice.

She’s saying her Tweets about injustice were spammed.

Her point is that how low can you be if you appropriate advocacy for a social issue to try to sell something?


I know. I have been sufficiently corrected on this. I appreciate the additional correction. :wink:

You weren’t advised on her point about the heinousness of appropriating that particular topic. I wanted to add that.


So you think I have not reported?? I am blocking and reporting everyday! It is annoying that is why I mentioned it here. Obviously I have reported.

Sorry. It wasn’t my intention to upset you. No need to be rude.

I just suggested you reporting the spammer users, since you said nothing about having done it.

Have a nice day!


No reason to be defensive. It’s not an insult.

Some people don’t report because they don’t think anything will be done. You haven’t given us any indication if you are one of those people, plus everyone who sees this should know what to do when they see Twitter spam.

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Yes. I agree your say