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Spamming, Posting or Demanding work in Buyer Requests Section (2017)

Hey there,
Its almost so annoying to see the seller spamming in the buyer request section posting for work, Dear Fiverr Team, Kindly stop this spamming, its so annoying and irritating to search for real Buyer request, eventually i will suggest to block these kind of id’s.
I am just attaching an image as a prove to show you the spammer and even i highlighted his/her request, kindly do take action against these id’s and the like of it.

Happy Fiverring.


This is an often-discussed issue. There are many suggestions about it in the forum, though this one is recent and in the correct category so it may be a useful place to vent as needed. Staff is aware of the Buyer Request problem and has worked on resolutions but it’s not entirely resolved. The forum has so much on it already that it may not get much attention here, so it may be best to send a note about your concerns, ideas and suggestions to Customer Support. Screen Shots of BR aren’t really needed here since there are many already.

:arrow_right:For questions or concerns regarding the Fiverr community sites, please contact Customer Support.


sorry, but this issue has been going on for a very long time and people have been complaining about it for a while and as you already nicely stated it is a “often-discussed issue”. What I don’t understand is that it hasn’t been resolved or improved and the issue has gotten worse.

I have reported it numerous times but all I get is (3/2016) :

Hi there,
Thank you for contacting us and referring for this issue.
I have forwarded your request to our Product Team. When they look at your request and come back to me, I will inform you as soon as possible.
Thank you for bringing this up to our attention.

It has been a year now


I understand. That response comes from staff, at least, so someone who has the ability to do something or talk to other staff about doing something are responding. I entirely agree that’s not the same as actually fixing it.

On the forum you are talking to a bunch of other sellers and buyers who have no way to fix the problem and just complain about it alongside you. Technically, you are still doing more good by occasionally sending it to Customer Support again. You could watch the forum for opportunities to participate in Live Events with higher-ups at Fiverr. There was one recently with the CEO. Then you could talk directly to him.

That’s all I can really suggest since the forum isn’t a replacement for Customer Support.


Fiverr should take some steps against such kind of people as this is very irritating and annoying. I am sorry to say but truth is now Buyer Request is turned into “SELLER REQUEST”. I hope that Fiverr will take strict action very soon :smiley:


Please block them, sometimes i feel damn irritated because of Spam in the BRS.Its get hard to find the real buyers @Fiverr Team :frowning:


I reported specific ones I found a few times to CS (as a list, not one by one). After a while I got the impression that I was nicely being told to stop sending lists in.

BTW I just read 30 Seller ads in Logo design for April 13. That’s 30 in one subcategory for only one day. :disappointed:

That’s not including the odd spam crud in the BRs, like the same request posted over and over, oddly copied portions of Fiverr’s site text, clear nonsense, and the ones posted in the wrong categories (i.e. a Seller that asked for a Gig video and filed it under logos).


It´s really something else to see all those seller requests,
(and posts by people who put their website, even email into their requests, ask sellers to download and install their app first and install it so their offers might be considered for the request (and not just one time, several times the same thing over time, so apparently they still didn´t find the right seller from all those offers they got?), ask for people to move their couch without mentioning where that is about to happen (what about that ‘vague’ bit?) etc.)
while we regularly have legit buyers coming to the forum, worked up or bewildered or both, seeking help, because they can´t get their completely legit request approved, because they don´t use some magical wording like “I want” or whatever.


I agree with you, it’s so irritating when I send buyer request. I think to take an action for this type of spamming.


thanks for your advice.


Until Fiverr changes the buyer request page (maybe to allow flagging) couldn’t moderators send a message to all those spamming the buyer requests (or totally incorrectly entered buyer requests), ie. the same message to all of them, asking them to remove their buyer request, telling them that spamming buyer requests is against the rules? Maybe if they haven’t removed them within a certain specified timeframe, maybe the mods could remove the requests (if they have that ability) or maybe the user could be suspended for a short time - if they’ve spammed that section and they haven’t removed it within the timeframe (and that could be specified in the warning).

Another option - maybe some sort of browser plugin (or program) could be developed (unless it would be against the rules) to find the actual buyer requests (ie. excluding all seller adverts etc) within the buyer requests section :).

But also, the section where buyer requests get entered could also do with being changed, to make it easier for valid requests to be entered (eg. it should tell the user what exactly is wrong with their request if it is refused).



We are seeing many seller post and poor, copyright broken post on buyer requests section. One a “Remove Request” not a solution if there has report button then someone can report the post and fiverr team manually decision on it.



Having a “report” button on the buyer requests page will never work with the current state of things - have you seen how many sellers post on the buyer requests page, and how many requests violate the TOS? There are tons of them! Reporting them would take a lot of your time, and CS would receive hundreds of reports per day, which they could not verify without losing their sanity.


Fiverr can implement “trust” badges given to a select few thousand, that can “monitor” or only they would have access to a “report button” therefore eliminating new sellers trying to mess with the system for fun. It’s highly needed. I feel that the buyer request section is an amazing feature and if designed well can earn Fiverr many more Millions.


Yes i’m also like this.


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