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Spammy Buyer. What would you do?

I get one or two spam type messages from potential buyers a week. I will share this most recent message below. You can tell it’s a copy & paste, with bad grammar, and it does not make it sense. In addition, it’s against Fiverr TOS to ask for my address. Beware out there!

What would you do? I replied, so it would not affect my response rate, with a quick, “I’m sorry I can’t help you. Thank you.” And I hit the ‘report’ button although I am not sure how much that helps anyone else.

xoxo Meghan


"Hi dear,

I am so happy that you can offer your services for my Gig Request ‘Items For Incharge Of US Amazon Reviews. $5 Each’.

that means you can choose items form our us brand official amazon store for free and we can deliever the items to you via Fulfilled by Amazon. but for each item’s value, as incharge of 5$ each review, if it sold almost 20 usd, please post 2 writing unverifed reviews to our Amazon diffirent listings and 1 reviews with photos to the right item listing after you got the item, totally 3 reviews, pls use a safe account, share your thoughts with other customers and post a 5 stars trustful review to these products.

actually it dont matter which items you review, but we need you to choose item which has very few review or dont have one. that’s ok:)

and the last one you can post photos review, so it doesnot matter verified review or not, because everyone can see the product photos and believe that this review is fair.

if you are interested, let do it. I will give you a store link, and I need your address for listing item sent.

Much love.


Can someone define what Spam is? Is getting unwanted messages considered Spam. If that is the case, than I see hundreds of Ads a day on TV, in my inbox (even from Fiverr) that I don’t want to see – so are they considered Spam?

This appears to be a copy & paste sent to multiple people with no connection to their advertised gigs or needs. They just send it to hundreds of people.

You can prevent Fiverr email from appearing in your inbox with unsubscribe. That’s not spam. I can’t stop these tools from emailing or messaging me. SPAMOLA!

Wouldn’t that be great if one could unsubscribe to another user’s messages here on Fiverr?

Hi Meghan,
I actually don’t think that this is meant to be SPAM. You do provide Amazon reviews in your Gig range and you probably answered that buyer request mentioned.
Some people here do not speak English very well. It’s not easy for us to understand them and it is not easy to answer them because we have to be careful with our phrases and terminology.
They want to send you an item for review, so they are going to need your physical address. Some Sellers simply forget about providing it during the order :slight_smile:

And copy/paste is not all bad. They want more than one reviewer - obviously - and need to give all of them the same information. Why should they rephrase their text for each Seller? They are already having a hard time writing English.

That’s just me reading that one message you posted as example. I am not saying that there is no spam out there

@voicetex I hear what you are saying. I understand English can be misinterpreted or misguided. But asking for your physical address (to me) is a red flag. Ebay, Etsy, Fiverr, Paypal all work on the same premise in different counties. They have a third party system for exchange of funds and personal information, as to avoid con artists, identity theft, etc.

In this case, I decided to avoid the risk. There was an instance last month where I explained to someone why I did not accept their gig (upon their asking me) and I explained that they were asking to speak to me on the phone and for my personal information which was against Fiverr TOS. In addition, he had specifically told me he had been on Fiverr since 2008, but his profile said 2015 and his bio was gibberish (I didn’t state it so bluntly). He called me all kinds of swear words and basically proved my point.

So perhaps in both cases, they were not spam. But just people so unprofessional that I would probably have been disappointed in the end result? I don’t know. I try not to be too negative, but this is called the ranting pot…so I figured… :slight_smile:

I appreciate your insight.


You must be careful with your personal details for a whole number of reasons.
The most important one here is that it’s against Fiver ToS to post that information.

But there is an exception: If you want to ship a physical product to someone, you simply have to know their address.
And you are able to ask for a Seller’s address when you sell a physical product. That should work both ways.

But you are right about Spam messages. I’m fighting them left and right.