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Spanish Permit ID Verification

I know the ID verification is a common issue but I really wanted to ask something here.
This morning I had to do the id verification, two of them I used the Spanish permit ID (Permiso de Residencia) and one of them I used my Chinese passport. All of them failed, two of them said that it was because of the quality, I have Iphone Xr and I think I did the photos pretty good. I ask for another attempt which I used the Spanish permit, failed. Once again with another attempt with the Spanish permit ID, failed. Then I thought that maybe it is because it is not a national ID.

I wanted to ask in case you verify with passport, do you only include the first page that has your face and all the information or the first page including the second page?

I tried my best doing the verifications. Is there anyone who used chinese passport as verification?
Thank you very much.


Check this out:


I did read it. Thanks for your reply. Is there any chance that could be that I don’t look so alike as my passport/id photo?

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Check this out:SUCCESSFUL Fiverr ID Verification: Here's what you need to know - #54 by hanshuber16

There is a contact us button at the bottom of the article I gave you in my previous post if you require further help.

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